Commercial Freezer Maintenance Galesburg IL

Commercial Freezer Maintenance Galesburg IL

A walk-in freezer door is seen. Merit Mechanical offers Commercial Freezer Maintenance.

Do You Need Commercial Freezer Maintenance In Galesburg IL?

What happens to your business when your freezers go down? If that’s a nightmare scenario for your company, you need to know who you’ll turn to if disaster strikes – and who can help keep it from happening in the first place. For the best commercial freezer maintenance in Galesburg IL, turn to Merit Mechanical Service.

How Quickly Does Merit Mechanical Respond To Service Emergencies?

We understand very well that some freezer repairs can’t wait. So when you call us with a freezer crisis, we will understand and share your sense of urgency. We will respond to your call as quickly as we can. Our professional techs are trained to handle both routine maintenance and emergency service calls.

What Goes Into Freezer Maintenance?

Commercial freezers are not a small investment, and regular maintenance is required to maintain them. The techs at Merit Mechanical Service can provide the kind of care your commercial freezers require to keep them running well. Depending on your equipment, we’ll recommend a maintenance schedule that will keep your freezers functioning well. Some of the things we’ll check during our routine maintenance calls include:

  • Fan motors and blades
  • Thermometer testing
  • Door gaskets
  • Condenser coils
  • Hinges and latches
  • Settings for temperature control and defrost cycles
  • Drain lines
  • Oil levels
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Electrical connections

In addition, you’ll want to arrange for professional deep cleaning several times a year, on top of your regular in-house cleaning. The better you maintain your refrigeration equipment, the longer it should last. Just give us a call and we’ll come up with an appropriate maintenance plan for all your freezer, refrigeration and other mechanical systems.

A walk-in freezer door is seen. Merit Mechanical offers Commercial Freezer Maintenance in Galesburg IL.

What Industries Does Merit Mechanical Work With?

Our professional team is trained to provide installation, maintenance and repair service for just about any kind of mechanical system. Merit Mechanical has extensive experience with HVAC, pool dehumidification and many other systems. Whatever kind of mechanical systems your business depends on, give us a call. We can help you keep them functioning at their best.

Are You Ready To Work With Merit Mechanical Service?

For the best commercial freezer maintenance in Galesburg IL, call Merit Mechanical Service. And remember, our expertise goes far beyond refrigeration and freezer services. If you’re looking for installation, maintenance and service for almost any commercial mechanical system, we do that, too! Call us today at 309-981-8478.