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Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems in Peoria IL: The Smart Way to Heat & Cool Your Home

Otherwise referred to as geo-exchange, earth-coupled or earth energy systems, our geothermal systems are an efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling. These inground devices work by drawing on the earth’s natural resources, therefore utilizing less electricity than standard solutions. As a result, these high-quality appliances not only reduce energy expenditures but also contribute to a greater overall environmental footprint. If you are looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to control your company or home’s climate, consider investing in one of our superior geothermal systems in Peoria IL today!


At Merit Mechanical, we proudly partner with several well-known manufacturers to bring you only the best products on the market. These are companies like Bosch and Florida Heat Pump that specialize in creating long-lasting and energy-efficient solutions suitable for several commercial and residential contexts. Whether you are a home or small business owner, we’ll sell our systems to you at an affordable price. And since our technicians have acquired all the proper licensing and certifications, they can install, maintain and repair these systems as well!


Geothermal systems aren’t like other heating and cooling appliances. The installment process is quite a bit more complicated. And it usually requires a good deal of planning before the project can actually start. Since this device works by drawing heat directly from the ground, all potential installation sites must be inspected in advance. When you call on a contractor from Merit Mechanical, they will meet you at each proposed area, examining the property for certain geological features that enable or prohibit the equipment from functioning properly.


As with other heating and cooling devices, maintenance is an essential part of caring for geothermal systems in Peoria IL. At Merit Mechanical, we recommend clients with this type of device seek our maintenance services biannually. In both the spring and fall, we’ll gladly meet clients onsite and perform a thorough inspection of all above-ground equipment.

In Ground Photo of One of Our Geothermal Systems in Peoria IL


Though geothermal systems rarely require repair, they are still not 100% immune to internal or external complications. Loud noises, loss of power and airflow issues are all signs that something is wrong with the system and should be addressed by a trained professional as soon as possible. If your unit is acting out of the ordinary, call one of our employees immediately.

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