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Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial and Residential Refrigeration for Peoria IL Residents

Keeping your refrigerator system cool is of high importance to the team at Merit Mechanical. Therefore, we offer various commercial refrigeration services for coolers, ice machines, temperature systems and freezers, both new and old. From maintenance to modifications to repairs, our contractors service each system with the utmost care, always looking for opportunities to enhance the equipment’s efficiency. See below for a full list of offerings on commercial refrigeration in Peoria IL:


Air and water-cooled chillers are crucial to maintaining the proper water temperature in your office, hotel or restaurant. Thus, they should be cared for with frequent maintenance services by the team at Merit Mechanical. By having one of our technicians service your cooler system regularly, you can avoid common issues with the compressor, evaporator and condenser. If our inspection reveals anything unusual, our team will resolve the problem before it turns into something more significant. If you need an installation of coolers, we’ll provide that too! We keep several top-quality water and air-cooled chillers in stock. Each offers its own advantages. So when you come to us, we’ll sit down and evaluate each option to see which solution best suits your business.

Ice Machines

When your ice machine stops working, the team at Merit Mechanical will offer their expert advice to get the system back up and running as smoothly as possible. Whether a faulty valve, clogged filter or frozen fill tube is the culprit, our employees will work diligently to determine the cause and provide a swift solution. Beyond repair, we also inspect, clean and install these systems as asked. Interested in any of these services? Contact our contractors today for a free quote.

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Large cold storage sites such as labs, warehouses and walk-in refrigerators require accurate monitoring equipment to tracks the area’s temperature. At Merit Mechanical, we not only install but also fix and maintain many of these complex monitoring systems, working fast to protect against potential losses.


Temperature Controls for Refrigeration in Peoria IL

Freezers are delicate appliances. They need to be kept at just the right temperature to preserve heat-sensitive goods. When the climate becomes too cold, frost can quickly accumulate. But when the temperature dips the other way, the warm air all-too-often causes spoil. At Merit Mechanical, we’ve encountered both kinds of issues with refrigeration in Peoria IL, and have resolved each at an affordable cost. In addition to temperature control issues, we’ll also fix a myriad of other freezer complications, including but not limited to coils, drain and motor malfunctions. To schedule an appointment for any of our freezer services call the staff at Merit Mechanical today!

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Want to know more about our services for commercial refrigeration in Peoria IL? Call us at (309)-696-4552 or fill out a service request on our contact page. We are located at 308 East McClure Ave, Bartonville, Illinois 61607, and proudly serve all of the Greater Peoria community.