Commercial Refrigeration Repair Galesburg IL

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Galesburg IL

A warehouse freezer is seen. Merit Mechanical offers repairs of commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment.

Looking For Commercial Refrigeration Repair In Galesburg IL?

When you need commercial refrigeration repair, you usually need it now! Having a relationship with a dependable mechanical service is a must. If you’re looking for professional commercial refrigeration repair in Galesburg IL, call Merit Mechanical Service.

Can Merit Offer Quick Turnaround Time?

We will share that sense of urgency you feel when you realize your commercial refrigeration equipment is failing. We understand that for many businesses, a refrigeration issue is a major problem. So we will respond to your call as quickly as possible.

How Do You Know Your Refrigeration Equipment Requires Service?

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious – the equipment isn’t turning on or isn’t keeping up. Other times, the unit is showing signs of malfunction and you know you may have only a short window to restore it to full operation.

Some of the common issues include atypical condensation, ice build-up, odd or unusual noises that the equipment did not formerly produce or higher energy bills. If you notice any of these things, call us right away.

Can Professional Maintenance Reduce Repairs To Your Refrigeration Units?

All mechanical equipment functions best with regular maintenance and good care. Some of the things we suggest include the following:

  • Maintaining compressors, condenser and evaporator coils
  • Keeping coils free of contamination, such as dirt, mold and bacteria
  • Maintaining fan coil units

What Are Some Other Best Practices For Commercial Refrigeration Equipment?

We recommend you maintain a regular maintenance checklist to keep your refrigeration units running well. Of course, should you have any questions on best practices for the care of your refrigeration or other mechanical equipment, we’re here to help! Here are some of the best practices we recommend for commercial cold rooms and refrigeration units:

  • Maintain a constant and accurate temperature
  • Clean all surfaces daily
  • Discard spoiled food or drinks, if applicable
  • Verify the temperature stays within the desired range
  • Check for ice build-up
  • Verify the refrigerant levels
  • Check for oil leakage
  • Clean door seals and check for cracks or other damage

The better your maintenance, the longer your equipment should last.

A tech is seen diagnosing a problem. Merit Mechanical offers commercial refrigeration repair in Galesburg IL.

What Industries Does Merit Work With?

Our professional crew can take care of just about any kind of mechanical system you may have. We have extensive experience with HVAC, pool dehumidification and many other systems in addition to cold rooms and other refrigeration equipment.

Does Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Require Professional Repair?

For the commercial refrigeration repair Galesburg IL counts on, call Merit Mechanical Service. We are also available to repair and install virtually any commercial mechanical system you might need. Call us today at 309-981-8478.