Cold Storage Repair Galesburg IL

Cold Storage Repair Galesburg IL

A technician prepares to repair a cold storage area.

Do You Need Fast Cold Storage Repair In Galesburg IL?

If your business depends on cold storage, you know how important it is to work with a dependable mechanical service. If you’re looking for cold storage repair in Galesburg IL, call Merit Mechanical Service.

What Kind Of Turnaround Time For Repairs Can Merit Offer?

We understand that sinking feeling you get when you realize your cold room isn’t as cold as it’s supposed to be. You can expect us share your sense of urgency, because we understand that for many businesses, having a cold room malfunction is a disaster. We respond as quickly as possible to your call.

What Are Some Signs That Your Cold Room Requires Service?

Some of the common issues that let you know your equipment is struggling to do the job properly include condensation, ice build-up, odd or unusual noises that the equipment did not formerly produce or higher energy bills. If you notice anything of this sort, call us for an inspection.

How Can Our Professional Maintenance Reduce The Need For Repairs To Your Cold Room?

A cold room represents a significant investment, so you’ll want to maintain it well for as many years of service as possible. The experts at Merit Mechanical Service can check your cold room regularly to keep it in the best possible condition. Some of the routine maintenance we can help you with include:

  • Maintaining compressors, condenser and evaporator coils
  • Keeping coils free of contamination, such as dirt, mold and bacteria
  • Maintaining fan coil units
  • Maintaining order and cleanliness to improve airflow

What Are Some Other Best Practices For Cold Rooms?

It’s important to maintain a regular maintenance checklist to ensure your cold room is working well. Remember, if you have any questions on best practices for the care of cold rooms, we’re here to help! Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Maintain a constant and accurate temperature of your cold room
  • Eliminate all contaminants – clean floors and surfaces daily
  • Discard spoiled food or drinks, if applicable
  • Verify the temperature is within the desired range
  • Check for ice build-up in the evaporator
  • Verify the refrigerant levels
  • Check for oil leakage in the compressors
  • Clean door seals and check for any cracks or other damage

The better you maintain your cold storage room, the longer it should last.

A technician examines cold storage equipment. Merit Mechanical offers cold storage repair in Galesburg IL.

Does Merit Mechanical Work With All Industries?

Our experienced crew can take care of just about any kind of mechanical system. We have extensive experience with HVAC, pool dehumidification and many other systems in addition to cold rooms.

Does Your Cold Room Need Professional Maintenance?

For the top cold storage repair in Galesburg IL, call Merit Mechanical Service. We are also here for the repair and installation of virtually any commercial mechanical system you might need. Call us today at 309-981-8478.