How often should commercial AC units be serviced?

How often should commercial AC units be serviced?

Does My Commercial AC Unit Need Service?

If you have a commercial AC unit, you might wonder how often you should have it serviced. Perhaps it’s working fine at the moment, but you will want to be sure it continues to do the job. After all, there’s nothing worse than your AC going out right when you’re depending on it during a heat wave. If you are wondering “How often should commercial AC units be serviced?” call Merit Mechanical Service 309-981-8478 for a personalized maintenance plan for your AC unit.

An HVAC tech is seen performing service on a unit. Merit Mechanical performs commercial AC service.

Why Do I Need Regular AC Maintenance?

Any mechanical system functions best with regular maintenance, and a commercial AC unit is no exception. In general, biannual maintenance is a good plan, with spring service to prepare the unit for heavy summer usage and fall service to check for any issues that came up during summer and to prepare for winter shutdown.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Depending your your unit, the tasks we’re likely to perform may include:

  • An inspection and cleaning of your condenser coils. We’ll remove dirt, debris and any obstructions.
  • A check of refrigerant levels: We’ll check for leaks and that the unit contains the correct level of refrigerant.
  • Replacement or cleaning of air filters: Clean filters are essential to promote proper airflow and to maintain quality indoor air.
  • A check of thermostat settings and calibration: We will verify the thermostat is functioning correctly and is set to the appropriate temperature.
  • An inspection of electrical components: We will check wiring, contacts, capacitors and relays for signs of damage or wear. We’ll tighten electrical connections if needed.
  • Lubrication of moving parts: We will lubricate motors and bearings. This reduces friction and wear.
  • An inspection of ductwork: We’ll ensure your ducts are clean and free of obstructions and leaks.
  • Review system performance: It’s important to check your overall system performance and to address any other issues or problems.

What If My AC Unit No Longer Functions Well?

Every mechanical unit has an expected lifetime of service, even if your maintenance is on point. We can help ensure your unit performs optimally and at a reduced risk of unexpected breakdowns. However, if your unit is older and no longer functions as it should, it may be time to consider a replacement. At Merit Mechanical, we only carry high-quality mechanical systems. Some of the brands we recommend, install and maintain include:

HVAC techs are seen performing service on a unit. Merit Mechanical performs commercial AC service in Peoria and Bloomington areas.

Call Us To Service Your Commercial AC

A hot, humid business environment does not serve your customers or employees well, so if you want to keep your cool, call in the pros. Merit Mechanical Service is a full-service mechanical company. If you’re wondering, “How often should commercial AC units be serviced?” bring us in! While we’re there, we can also take care of any other mechanical system your business may have. Call us today at 309-981-8478.