Pool Dehumidification Galesburg IL

Pool Dehumidification Galesburg IL

An indoor pool is seen. Merit Mechanical performs pool dehumidification.

We Offer Pool Dehumidification in Galesburg IL

Indoor pools provide year-round fun and exercise, but improper maintenance could lead to serious issues inside your home. If you have an indoor pool, you probably already understand the importance of proper pool dehumidification. If you need installation or maintenance of equipment for pool dehumidification in Galesburg IL, call Merit Mechanical Service.

Why Do Indoor Pools Require Dehumidifiers?

Any indoor pool will add significant moisture to the air in your pool room, and when excessive moisture is trapped indoors, you risk mold, mildew and corrosion. The proper ventilation and dehumidification system is vital to keeping your indoor pool the pleasant place you want it to be.

How Do I Know The Humidity In My Pool Room Is Too High?

Some of the signs of high humidity include:

  • Visible condensation anywhere in the interior of the room, including the ceiling, windows or walls
  • Mold on the surface of the pool room walls – or even in other areas of the home where the humidity has spread
  • Corrosion of hardware in the room, such as metal door knobs
  • Deterioration of the home or other structure due to excess moisture in the air

What Is The Best Way To Dehumidify An Indoor Pool?

A professionally installed and maintained dehumidification system is absolutely imperative for any home or business with an indoor pool. Merit Mechanical Service can provide the annual or semi-annual maintenance needed.

What Is the Ideal Humidity for Indoor Pool Rooms?

Your goal should be to keep the humidity in your pool room somewhere around 50 or 60 percent. It’s very important to have HVAC experts, such as the techs at Merit Mechanical Service, provide regular maintenance above and beyond the type of care your pool service professionals provide. These are separate services.

How Do I Choose The Best Indoor Pool Dehumidifier?

A pool dehumidification system is an important investment and getting the right unit of the right size is vital. You will need to take into consideration the size of the pool, the size of the room it’s in, the temperature of the pool and of the room and other metrics. Your best bet is to consult an HVAC company familiar with pool dehumidification. Merit Mechanical Service is experienced with pool dehumidification.

Do I Need A Dehumidifier For An Indoor Spa?

An indoor spa or hot tub requires a dehumidification system. If you keep your hot tub covered when it is not in use, this will help, but you will still need a system to keep the dehumidification levels around 50-60 percent.

An indoor pool is seen. Merit Mechanical offers Pool Dehumidication in Galesburg IL.

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