Pool Dehumidifier Repair Pekin IL

Pool Dehumidifier Repair Pekin IL

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Merit Mechanical Service technicians are the local experts to call when you need pool dehumidifier repair in Pekin IL. The dehumidifier at your indoor pool or spa serves as the most crucial part of your HVAC system for protection from mold, mildew, and bacteria. A pool dehumidification system requires more than an install it and forget it approach. Thus, proper maintenance of the system offers the only way to keep your equipment in good working order for many years.

A proper duct system will direct dehumidified air toward all the outside facing glass windows, doors, and skylights. As a result, it helps to minimize the amount of moisture accumulating on the glass surfaces. In addition, it will also ensure that the air in the room gets circulated through the dehumidifier. It requires circulation approximately six times per hour. Our technicians can inspect your ducts and equipment to make sure they are working properly.

Manufacturers encourage maintenance for pool dehumidifiers every six months. So, let us provide the upkeep for your system to avoid the need for dehumidifier repair. Contact us to schedule maintenance services.

Check Your Air Filters

Some of our clients find out the hard way that you should never run a pool dehumidifier without an air filter. Dehumidifiers come equipped with a return air filter that ensures proper air quality. Without one, contaminants will not get filtered out of the air being circulated at your indoor pool or spa. In addition, old and soiled air filters will not provide the type of filtration you need. Air filter replacement serves as one of the many things we handle when it comes to pool dehumidifier repair in Pekin IL.

Electrical Connections Require Periodic Inspections

The electrical components of your dehumidifier must get checked out annually to ensure proper tightness. Loose electrical connections can cause arcing electricity that will shorten the lifespan of your equipment. In some extreme events, loose electrical connections can cause a fire to spark. If your equipment has gone more than a year without inspection of electrical components, give us a call. We can handle any electrical issues with our service for pool dehumidifier repair in Pekin IL.

Control Setting Adjustments Are Important

Problems can occur if humidity and temperature controls are not set to adequately moderate humidity levels and temperature at your indoor pool or spa. If your controls are off, it could contribute to property damage like rotted wood, flaked paint, or corroded metal. Thus, it is important to have your equipment checked periodically to make sure controls are set correctly. Control setting adjustments are one of the many maintenance issues we can fix with our service for pool dehumidifier repair in Pekin IL.

Pool Dehumidifier Repair Pekin IL

Installation of New Equipment

Without required maintenance, your pool dehumidifier may sustain enough damage that it requires total replacement. If that is the case with your equipment, Merit Mechanical Service technicians can help. Our experts can recommend the best system to handle the needs of your indoor pool or spa. We can install some of the best products from Desert Air, Dectron, and DCA. However, we can supply systems from other top manufacturers in the industry, too.

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Merit Mechanical Service can handle all the maintenance services to keep your pool dehumidification system in good working condition. Plus, we can also fix any broken components with our pool dehumidifier repair in Pekin IL. Send us an email at derrick@meritmechanicalservice.com or call us at 309-322-9168 to schedule your service. In addition, we can also work on other mechanical systems. In fact, we also provide services for commercial heating and cooling systems, geothermal systems, boiler service, and air filtration and sanitization.