Refrigeration Leaks East Peoria IL

Refrigeration Leaks East Peoria IL

Refrigeration Leaks needing repair in East Peoria IL

Trouble with Refrigeration Leaks in East Peoria IL? Merit Can Help

No piece of equipment lasts forever; try as we might. However, more often than not, the parts of a mechanical system break down before the entire piece of equipment. For example, commercial refrigeration can begin leaking due to problems with pipes or connections. If you are experiencing refrigeration leaks in East Peoria IL yourself, allow Merit Mechanical to take a look. We can quickly get to the source of the problem.

How Do Leaks Occur?

Not every refrigeration leak is immediately apparent. Sometimes, you might not be aware of a water or Freon leak before the damage is done! Ideally, Merit Mechanical can provide preventative maintenance to stop leaks before they occur. However, if you’re already experiencing a leaky system, it could be caused by:

  • Incomplete Installation – Installers do their best when setting up your commercial refrigeration unit. Unfortunately, some installers cut corners or rush installation in their haste to get to the next job. This rush can lead to loose fittings coming undone or brazing done wrong, which causes a leaky system. Merit Mechanical can correct such errors or provide competent installation the first time.
  • Unexpected Disconnects – Even with proper installation, time can take its toll on your refrigeration system. For machinery that’s continuously operating, the constant vibration of its components can loosen connections over time. The result is your pipes, lines and tubes unexpectantly disconnecting! Merit Mechanical can restore connections and secure them more thoroughly if this occurs.
  • Corrosion – The passage of time can again be blamed for the refrigeration leaks in East Peoria IL your system is experiencing! With continual exposure to moisture, the metals of your system will begin to break down and corrode. If corrosion gets severe enough, water or gas can begin to escape the affected pipes and lines. Our technicians can replace the corroded connections in question to resolve this issue.
Refrigeration Leaks on floor in East Peoria IL

How Can We Help?

If you suspect a Freon or water leak from your refrigeration system, contact Merit Mechanical ASAP. The faster we can resolve your issue, the less damage the leaks will cause. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can quickly find the source of a problem and take steps to resolve it. Furthermore, Merit Mechanical offers preventative maintenance for commercial refrigeration units of all sizes to prevent future leaks from your refrigeration.

Give Us a Call

Don’t let refrigeration leaks in East Peoria IL get the best of your business. Get in touch with the technicians at Merit Mechanical Service to resolve all your commercial refrigeration concerns. Or, for questions about the installation, maintenance and repair of other mechanical systems, call us today at 309-696-4552. Also, we are located at 308 E McClure Ave, Bartonville, IL 61607.