Cold Storage Maintenance East Peoria IL

Cold Storage Maintenance East Peoria IL

Fresh food storage, which will eventually require Cold Storage Maintenance in East Peoria IL

Do You Need Cold Storage Maintenance in East Peoria IL?

If your business or industry relies on cold storage and commercial refrigeration, there’s always the risk that your systems will go down. And in such scenarios, it can put a halt to your work and risk product spoilage. Thus, it’s crucial to avoid scenarios where your walk-in coolers and freezers break down. By investing in cold storage maintenance in East Peoria IL, you can ensure your systems are always online and running at peak efficiency. To ask about consistent maintenance for your cold storage, give the team at Merit Mechanical Service a call.

Daily, Monthly, and Annual Checkups

There are dozens of parts and systems to keep track of with your cold storage. Thankfully, Merit Mechanical not only provides checkups but can educate you on what you can check for yourself. For example:

  • Daily – We understand how you might not want our technicians coming over daily to perform checkups. However, we can at least show you some of the cold storage parts that ought to be checked regularly. Such checks include monitoring freon levels, looking for oil leakage from compressors, seeing if there’s ice buildup, ensuring the temperature is correct, etc. And if you identify issues such as leaks or ice buildup, our team can provide preventative maintenance.
  • Monthly – As we get into the monthly checkups, you might require more assistance from Merit Mechanical. Our technicians will work with your employees to identify potential problems with your cold storage before they get worse. Some of the maintenance work we will perform involves cleaning condenser coils, managing refrigerant levels, ensuring evaporators and defrosters are working correctly, and more.
  • Quarterly/Annual – While we recommend monthly checks to maintain your cold storage properly, you should at least have a trained technician inspect your systems quarterly or annually. The preventative maintenance Merit Mechanical performs can ensure your cold storage works at maximum efficiency and doesn’t incur critical breakdowns that require expensive repairs or replacement.

How Else Can We Help?

Cold Storage requiring Maintenance in East Peoria IL

While we’re performing cold storage maintenance in East Peoria IL, Merit Mechanical can also maintain your other mechanical systems. In fact, we provide quick and efficient maintenance, repair and installation for a wide range of popular manufacturer equipment and machinery. Some of what we can provide our services for includes:

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Don’t put off cold storage maintenance in East Peoria IL any longer! Get consistent checkups and preventative maintenance done right by the experts at Merit Mechanical Service. Contact us today at 309-696-4552 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 308 E McClure Ave, Bartonville, IL 61607.