Boiler Repair East Peoria IL

Boiler Repair East Peoria IL

Merit Mechanical Services boiler repair East Peoria IL

Contractor Near Me for Boiler Repair in East Peoria IL

Merit Mechanical Service contactors offer fast and affordable commercial boiler repair in East Peoria IL. Problems with you boiler will soon affect the comfort level and performance of your business. Plus, it can lead to a lack of energy efficiency that will cost you big time on your power bills. Here are some signs that you should not ignore when it comes to needing a boiler repair.

  • Your equipment hisses or makes other unusual noises.
  • Water pressure drops so low that it shuts off your boiler.
  • The pilot light frequently goes out.
  • Radiators will not fully heat.
  • The boiler takes a long time to heat up.
  • Fluid begins to leak from your boiler system.
  • Corrosion develops in your boiler.
  • Foul odors start coming from your boiler.
  • The boiler fails to evenly distribute heat.
  • Energy bills rise sharply without price increases from the power company.

Merit Mechanical Service contractors respond any time, day or night, when you need emergency boiler repair in East Peoria IL. After all, we understand that equipment failures happen around the clock. Send us an email to schedule your repair service.

Do Not Ignore Unusual Noises

Boilers that are working properly should operate quietly. If you start to hear banging, rumbling, shrieking, rattling sounds, those noises indicate that you need boiler repair in East Peoria IL. A few different problems can occur that causes noises. For example, an accumulation of minerals in internal components can lead to odd noises. However, the best way to treat the problem is to let a Merit Mechanical Service contractor inspect your boiler, diagnose the issue, and recommend the necessary course of action.

Boilers Should Not Shut Down

Boiler systems that are running smoothly do not automatically shut themselves down. Typically, boilers shut down because water pressure inside the system has dropped below operating levels. In most cases, this means your boiler is leaking air from expansion tanks or elsewhere in the system. If this happens to your boiler, call Merit Mechanical Service to schedule a boiler repair.

The Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

Do not just write this off as an annoying but easily solvable concern. If your pilot light goes out regularly, you likely need boiler repair in East Peoria IL. Typically, pilot light issues are a sign of a bigger problem. In most cases, your boiler’s thermocouple is malfunctioning. This component shuts off the gas supply to your boiler. If your thermocouple stops working properly, it will not shut off the gas when it should, leading to your pilot light blowing out.

Other Mechanical Services Available

Merit Mechanical Services contractors work on a variety of the machines that keep your business running smoothly. We can provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for the following kinds of equipment.

Boiler Repair East Peoria IL

Free Estimates for Boiler Repair in East Peoria IL

If your boiler experiences any problems, contact Merit Mechanical Service contractors for boiler repair. Give our friendly staff a call at 309-316-7928 to request a service appointment. For fast and easy communication, you may also email us any requests for estimates or service.