Cooler Repair Pekin IL

Cooler Repair Pekin IL

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Avoid the cost of inventory loss and drop of productivity at your business with Merit Mechanical Service cooler repair in Pekin IL. Our trained and experienced technicians provide both maintenance and repair for commercial coolers and freezers. Plus, we respond 24 hours per day, 365 days per year when you require emergency repair. Therefore, you can count on our cooling specialists to provide a fast fix or complex repair whenever you need it. That way, you can avoid spoilage of your medications, food, beverages, or other perishable items.

Our cold storage experts offer comprehensive solutions that keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. For over 9 years, we have served as the local mechanical services company to call to increase profitability and productivity at your business. Our pros work on everything from commercial HVAC to refrigeration to air filtration. In addition, we service boilers, geothermal systems, and pool dehumidifiers.

Contact us today to get services from technicians who consistently provide solutions that get A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau. We can get your equipment running in a short time to minimize any disruption of operations.

Eliminate Cooling Issues

Inefficient equipment can lead to a lot of added expense when it comes to energy costs. Therefore, you should get an inspection from one of our technicians if you notice a drop in performance from your cooler. Your equipment likely has some sort of issue if you notice energy bills getting larger and the need to keep turning down your thermostat. We can refill refrigerant if your equipment is running low or fix worn down or broken components. So, rely on Merit Mechanical Service when you need commercial cooler repair in Pekin IL.

Prevent Problems with Frozen Components

It may not catch your attention if you notice ice building up in different areas of your cooler. However, some components in your cooler can sustain damage or affect the efficiency of the system if they ice up. In fact, ice on condensing or evaporating coils affects airflow throughout your cooler. This sort of problem can lead your motor and other system components to work harder to keep things cool. As a result, parts in your cooler will wear out faster and use more energy. Consequently, you will get stuck with higher energy bills and repairs. However, our technicians can help you avoid or mitigate this sort of issue with our cooler repair in Pekin IL.

Cooler Repair Pekin IL

Avoid Leaks that Can Damage Products and Property

Perishable items in your cooler can create leaks if rapid temperature shifts in your system cause them to frequently thaw. If that happens, components in your system can corrode, products in your inventory can spoil, and water can leak out of your cooler and damage neighboring electronics. All that potential damage can lead to quite a big bill. If your start to notice water puddling inside or outside of your freezer, get an inspection from Merit Mechanical Service. We can fix any problems with our cooler repair in Pekin IL.

Free Estimates for Cooler Repair in Pekin IL

Merit Mechanical Service technicians provide full-service maintenance and cooler repair in Pekin IL. Call our refrigeration specialists now at 309-362-0634 for a free quote. Also, you can use our online contact form or send an email to to schedule maintenance or repair services. We can provide heating, cooling and refrigeration services that increase your revenue and productivity.