Cooler Repair East Peoria IL

Cooler Repair East Peoria IL

Technician testing refrigeration of a cooler unit during Cooler Repair in East Peoria IL

Leave Cooler Repair in East Peoria IL Up to the Professionals

As a busy restaurant or grocery store owner, you don’t have time for coolers and cold storage to break down. A cooler breaking can place you in an unfortunate scenario where you’re scrambling to save food and other perishable products from spoilage. However, there’s still hope if needing quick and reliable cooler repair in East Peoria IL! Call on Merit Mechanical Service, and we’ll provide you with the refrigeration maintenance and repair you require.

How to Tell if Your Cooler Needs Repair

A complete shutdown of your cooler is the most obvious sign it needs repair. But, more subtle signs signal a cooler breakdown might be imminent. To ensure you can prevent critical breakdowns, be on the lookout for these issues:

  • Improper Cooling – Does your cooler not seem as “cool” as it used to be? You’re likely not imagining this shift in temperature! Low refrigerant levels and malfunctioning parts can lead to your cooling systems not reaching optimal temperatures. And if left unchecked, you risk minor spoilage and a continued rise in temperatures.
  • Ice Where it Shouldn’t Be – Although ice and frost should be right at home in a freezer, they shouldn’t build up without prompting. Look for ice on the freezer door, evaporator coils, or anywhere inside your cooler. Such ice and frost buildup is a sign that your cooler is overloaded and there isn’t sufficient airflow going through your system.
  • Abnormal Energy Bills – Your energy bills should stay consistent from month to month if your cooler is working as it should. However, a significant spike in energy usage could signal the need for eventual repair. If your system is exerting more energy than expected, it’s likely having difficulty keeping temperatures at optimal levels. And the only reason it would have trouble cooling is if parts and systems are too old or malfunctioning.
  • Leaky Units – The last thing you want to see at the base of your cooler is a puddle of water. Leaks usually mean the products inside are thawing due to sudden and consistent rises in temperature. If left unchecked, your products will continue to thaw, and you risk potential water damage in and around your commercial cooler.

What Else Can We Do?

Grocery store coolers needing Cooler Repair in East Peoria IL

If your mechanical needs go beyond cooler repair in East Peoria IL, Merit Mechanical has you covered! We employ a range of highly-trained technicians, each experienced in repairing, maintaining, and installing numerous mechanical systems. As such, our team can provide services for commercial or residential systems, including:

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