Commercial Freezer Maintenance Bloomington IL

Commercial Freezer Maintenance Bloomington IL

Merit Mechanical Service commercial freezer maintenance in Bloomington IL

Best Contractor for Commercial Freezer Maintenance in Bloomington IL

Prevent costly equipment failures and product losses with Merit Mechanical Service commercial freezer maintenance in Bloomington IL. Companies that depend upon commercial freezers often neglect to keep their equipment clean or properly maintained. Unfortunately, freezers that do not receive regular cleaning and preventative maintenance will break down and wear out more quickly. You can avoid those kinds of problems with maintenance services provided by our refrigeration experts. Our maintenance services will handle the following:

  • Cleaning of your freezer
  • Evaporator fan coil and blade inspections
  • Inspections of door seals and hinges
  • Any necessary adjustments to control settings
  • Forming a daily maintenance checklist for your staff to follow

Our contractors provide trusted repair and maintenance services for a variety of commercial mechanical systems. In addition to commercial freezers, we can work on commercial HVAC, boilers, cold storage, furnaces, and pool dehumidifiers. Plus, our services are endorsed with 5-star customer reviews by businesses throughout McLean County IL. Request service today by filling out our fast and convenient online form.

Why Choose Merit Mechanical Service?

What makes us preferred over other contractors who handle commercial freezer maintenance in Bloomington IL? We are glad you asked. Here is a list of important benefits we provide you:

  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Certified refrigeration, HVAC, and mechanical equipment contractors
  • Warranties on our labor for up to 30 days after service
  • Replacement materials and parts are warranted

The Importance of Regular Freezer Cleaning

Chemicals, liquids, and other perishable items can get knocked over, spill, or leak all over the inside of your commercial freezer. How your company handles those issues will affect the performance and durability of your equipment. In addition, freezer-burned food waste is a leading cause for problems that affect the efficiency of your freezer. Cleaning up spills and waste quickly will prevent damage to your freezer that leads to system failures. However, system components can rust or break if you do not perform regular cleaning. If you are worried about the performance of your freezer, contact Merit Mechanical Service for an inspection.

Do You Have Foul Smells Coming from Your Freezer?

If so, you likely have a problem with mold or dirt inside your freezer ventilation components. The ventilation system within your freezer gets exposed to bacteria, dust, and harsh chemicals each day. As a result, it is important to have the evaporator fan blades and coils inside your freezer inspected on a regular schedule. Without regular inspections, your freezer will eventually develop mold issues that could lead to your business being shut down by health code violations. Merit Mechanical Service contractors can spot any of those kinds of problems with our commercial freezer maintenance in Bloomington IL.

Does Your Freezer Suffer from Temperature Fluctuations?

If that is the case, then your freezer could have damaged door seals or hinges. Those parts of your freezer doors can frequently develop clogs from debris, dirt, waste, or spilled liquids. Eventually, those clogs will prevent your door from closing properly. When that happens, your freezer will lose the ability to efficiently moderate the temperature inside storage areas. This sort of problem will often cause your power bills to rise sharply or steadily as the problems get worse. We can inspect your door components with our service for commercial freezer maintenance in Bloomington IL.

Schedule Commercial Freezer Maintenance in Bloomington IL

Merit Mechanical Service can extend the life of your equipment and help you prevent costly waste with regular freezer maintenance. Request a maintenance service call now by filling out our online contact form. We are also available to answer your calls at 309-248-6714. Please give us a call any time if you need 24/7 emergency service on your commercial mechanical equipment.