Cold Storage Repair Bloomington IL

Cold Storage Repair Bloomington IL

Merit Mechanical Service cold storage repair Bloomington IL

Top Service Near Me for Cold Storage Repair in Bloomington IL

If your business relies on refrigerated products, count on Merit Mechanical Service when you need cold storage repair in Bloomington IL. Our reliable local business is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and earns 5-star customer reviews. We provide 24-hour service technicians when you need emergency services. So, join our growing list of satisfied commercial clients that we have developed over 10 successful years in business. Email us now to schedule a repair or request a free estimate.

Signs You Need Cold Storage Repair

Make sure to get your equipment inspected before you experience total system failure. Several things that may appear to be only a minor issue are warning signs that a major problem lies ahead. Here are some of the most common signs that you need cold storage repair in Bloomington IL:

  • Perishable items are rotting.
  • Water leaks from your cold storage unit.
  • Foul odors come from your cold storage system.
  • Your equipment has frequent electrical problems.
  • Your system frequently builds up with frost.
  • Your cold storage makes strange noises.
  • Lights inside your equipment flicker.
  • The cold storage provides uneven cooling.
  • Your system has switches that do not work.
  • The door on your cold storage shows significant wear and tear.

Damaged Doors Require Immediate Attention

Damaged doors are one of the most common problems requiring cold storage repair in Bloomington IL. A system with damaged doors will not maintain desired cooling temperatures. Consequently, your business will experience product spoilage for as long as there are door defects. If you notice damage to the door of your cold storage, give us a call to inspect your equipment.

Condensation Causes Health and Safety Risks

You may not take it seriously if you notice condensation inside your cold storage. However, this is an issue that can provide health and safety risks to your employees and customers. Employees face added risk of slip-and-fall injuries in slippery conditions inside the cold storage unit. In addition, perishables exposed to excessive moisture can develop mold or other issues that affect quality that can make end consumers feel sick. If you notice frequent condensation, call Merit Mechanical Service for cold storage repair in Bloomington IL.

Cold Storage Maintenance

We can prevent total system failure and expensive replacement parts with cold storage maintenance. Our contractors can provide a custom preventative maintenance plan for your business to keep your system running efficiently and effectively. As a result, you can avoid the expense of costly replacement parts and extend the useful life of your system. Most importantly, you avoid having to totally replace your system for as long as possible.

Other Services Available

Merit Mechanical Service technicians handle many services in addition to cold storage repair in Bloomington IL, too. We can provide your business with any of the following services:

Cold Storage Repair Bloomington IL

Schedule Cold Storage Repair in Bloomington IL

Merit Mechanical Services provides qualified pros and recommended service when it comes to cold storage repair. At the first sign of a problem, let our service technicians inspect your equipment. Send us an email today to schedule a repair. In addition, you can call 309-696-4552 for more information about our company or our services.