Walk-In Cooler Repair Peoria IL

Walk-In Cooler Repair Peoria IL

A freezer requiring Walk-In Cooler Repair in Peoria IL

When Refrigeration Breaks Down, Count on Merit for Walk-In Cooler Repair in Peoria IL

What do grocery stores, bars, restaurants and pharmacies all have in common? The answer: they utilize commercial refrigeration! For many businesses, having on-site refrigeration and freezers is a must. However, when cooling equipment breaks down, it can put your product supply at risk. Thankfully, with the help of Merit Mechanical Service, you can receive quick and efficient walk-in cooler repair in Peoria IL. When your freezer is on the fritz, give us a call!

Why You Need Refrigeration Repair from a Professional

Rather than attempting to fix your refrigeration yourself, or outright buying a new piece of equipment, professional repair should be your first choice. By hiring Merit Mechanical to fix your commercial refrigeration, you ensure a quick, safe and reliable repair job.

  • Quick Turnaround
    • Your refrigeration units are crucial to the operation of your business. When equipment goes down, it can directly affect your bottom line! And if you waste time waiting for new equipment or trying to repair units yourself, that’s more money lost with every passing day. Instead, allow Merit Mechanical to take a look at your cooler. Our expert technicians can get your refrigeration working in as little time as possible.
  • Safe Repair
    • If you aren’t an experienced technician with knowledge of electrical systems and refrigeration units, you risk hurting yourself or further damaging your equipment with DIY repair. Additionally, the safety and health of your customers are on the line, with the potential for product spoilage. Having a professional fix your cooler significantly reduces refrigeration repair’s health and safety risks.
  • Long-Lasting Solution
    • Basic knowledge of commercial refrigeration might be enough to get your coolers up and running. However, such repair solutions aren’t always long-lasting. If your freezers continually break down, they put you, your customers and your business at risk. Alternatively, Merit Mechanical can provide a long-lasting repair solution for your commercial refrigeration. Furthermore, we can assist with preventative maintenance, ensuring severe breakdowns don’t keep occurring.

Expert Local Technicians

The cooling units of a freezer requiring Walk-In Cooler Repair in Peoria IL

In addition to the work we provide for walk-in cooler repair for Peoria IL, Merit Mechanical offers various mechanical services throughout the Greater Peoria area. Our expert technicians are well-versed in the operation of numerous mechanical systems. Furthermore, Merit Mechanical’s team is quick to learn the function of any new system, applying our years of mechanical experience to everything we do. Some of the most common systems we repair, install or replace include:

Give Us a Call

When you need walk-in cooler repair in Peoria IL, you need the guidance of local refrigeration experts. Be sure to talk with the Merit Mechanical Service team today to discuss commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance options. Learn more about our services by calling 309-696-4552. Also, we are located at 308 E McClure Ave, Bartonville, IL 61607.