Commercial Furnace Inspection Peoria IL

Commercial Furnace Inspection Peoria IL

Commercial Furnace Inspection repairman in Peoria IL

Don’t Put Off a Commercial Furnace Inspection in Peoria IL

Whether a small store or a large office building, your heating system is crucial to the health and comfort of your staff, customers and clients. Otherwise, with inconsistent heating and potential furnace issues, your employees can be less productive, and customers can be driven away. Thankfully, it’s easy to keep your heating system in working order. With an annual commercial furnace inspection for your Peoria IL business, you can avoid potentially expensive repairs. Call Merit Mechanical Service today, and we’ll provide you with the mechanical inspections you require.

What Does Your Inspection Address?

No stone is left unturned during a Merit Mechanical furnace inspection. Our goal is to avoid future problems with your system, so we provide a thorough rundown of every part of your heating. As such, here’s some of what we check when performing a commercial furnace inspection in Peoria IL:

  • Safety Devices – Your heating system should have multiple checks in place to ensure if a breakdown occurs, it will safely shut down. However, if those safety devices malfunction, you put everyone in your facility at risk. Thus, the functioning order of safety devices is the first thing we inspect.
  • Motors & Fans – For hot air to be pushed throughout your system, fans and motors must be operating correctly. If they aren’t, portions of your business will have difficulty heating up. Merit Mechanical well check each fan, replacing parts and cleaning motors as needed.
  • Ventilation – Your ducts and ventilation ensure warm air reaches every room in your office, store or facility. However, if they’ve gone a few seasons without inspection, vents can build up significant amounts of dust, dirt, debris and allergens. Not only does this block the flow of air, but it can create an unhealthy work environment.
  • Air Filters – Your heating system’s air filters also contribute to the amount of dust and allergens that escape into the air. If filters are dirty enough, Merit Mechanical will perform a simple exchange for fresh air filters.
  • The Furnace – After checking every system associated with your heating, we finally check the furnace itself. We will run your furnace through various tests, ensuring it fires correctly, is not leaking, can reach temperatures set, etc.

Commercial Furnace Inspection being done by repairman in Peoria IL

What Can We Fix?

Merit Mechanical strives to offer the area’s best mechanical service. Our technicians have incredible versatility, meaning we can help install or repair near any mechanical system. As such, some of the systems we’ve most assisted with include:

Talk With Our Technicians

When considering a full commercial furnace inspection in Peoria IL, be sure you can find a mechanical company you can trust. Count on the experts at Merit Mechanical Service. Contact us today at 309-696-4552 to request a quote. Also, our office is located at 308 E McClure Ave, Bartonville, IL 61607. We are available 24/7 for emergency service!