Furnace Repair Peoria IL

Furnace Repair Peoria IL

Man Removing Front of Furnace During a Furnace Repair in Peoria IL

Fast Furnace Repair in Peoria IL

When a furnace breaks in below-freezing weather, often, the most immediate response is to panic. While this is no doubt a reasonable reaction, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to worry. We thoroughly train our heating contractors to repair furnaces in a flash so that you and your family can get back to living life as usual. Are you stuck in a similar scenario? Contact the team at Merit Mechanical for a reliable furnace repair in Peoria IL!

Examples of Furnace Issues We Resolve

No task is too big or small for Merit Mechanical. Over the years, we’ve offered our expertise on countless kinds of furnace failures. Some examples of issues we’ve encountered are:

  • Dirty Filters – Filters are one furnace component that is frequently forgotten but can cause some of the most significant complications. A filter that hasn’t been changed for quite some time will increase dust, short cycling and energy expenses.
  • Burner Contamination – Contamination is a common occurrence that happens when a burner is neglected for some time. As dirt and debris build up, it inhibits the device from distributing sufficient amounts of heat. The burner, trying to compensate for this loss, will utilize more energy, thus driving up heating costs. To determine if this is the case, our contractors will closely examine your furnace flame. If it is yellow instead of blue, our technicians will tidy up the area so that it works as good as new.
  • Ignition Issues – When your furnace doesn’t want to start, it can be more than frustrating. Often it comes down to an error with the pilot light, which our experts will quickly remove, clean and replace.
  • Thermostat Trouble – Sometimes, a heating deficiency occurs because the thermostat requires a repair. Whether a part is clogged, the battery is dead or the device is encountering program errors, the team at Merit Mechanical will know how to help!

Other Services

Furnace Repair

Beyond offering reliable furnace repair to Peoria IL residents, we stand by an array of other heating, cooling and hydronic services such as:

For questions or comments about any of the above services, contact the team at Merit Mechanical today!

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Ready to request a furnace repair in Peoria IL. Call and talk to one of our technicians today! Our number is (309)-696-4552, but we also respond to submissions on our contact page. We are located at 308 East McClure Ave, Bartonville, Illinois 61607, and readily schedule appointments upon request.