Heating Contractor Peoria IL

Heating Contractor Peoria IL

HVAC System After a Repair from a Heating Contractor in Peoria IL

A Heating Contractor in Peoria IL You Can Count On

Is a slow or broken heating system causing you discomfort? It’s probably time to seek the assistance of a trusted heating contractor in Peoria IL. At Merit Mechanical, our experienced experts are here to help! They have a long history of servicing several furnaces and HVAC systems throughout the Greater Peoria area, catering to both commercial and residential clients. Whether you require heating services for your home, school, or healthcare center, we will be there to provide the following solutions:


When was the last time you had your furnace or HVAC system checked out? If you are struggling to come up with an answer, you’re likely due for a maintenance inspection. Luckily, the team at Merit Mechanical provides this service at a very affordable price. For a reasonable fee, one of our professionals will make their way out to your property and examine the equipment for functionality issues you may not have noticed. Not completely convinced your machine needs maintenance? An inspection from a heating contractor in Peoria IL will ensure the system is performing as efficiently as possible, promising more manageable heating expenses.


Another service we pride ourselves on offering is heating repairs. As professionals who have worked with various furnace and HVAC systems before, we can quickly adjust and modify any device you ask us to repair. In addition to our fast turnaround times, you can also count on us for quality craftsmanship. Each repair is executed with careful care, ensuring all components are secured tightly in place.

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Heating systems last a good 15 years before they start slowing down due to old age. After that, they often prove more trouble than they’re worth, using more energy and thus more money to work as they once did. When this happens, it’s usually best to start saving for a new system. At Merit Mechanical, we sell and install a handful of high-efficiency systems equipped with the latest advancements. Ready for a reliable replacement? We’ll measure the size and shape of the space you have to work with and select the system that suits your needs.

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When seeking a reliable heating contractor in Peoria IL look no further than the team at Merit Mechanical! Request a service from us today by phone at (309)-696-455 or through the form found on our contact page. We are located at 308 East McClure Ave, Bartonville, Illinois 61607 and proudly serve the Greater Peoria area.