Refrigeration Service Galesburg IL

Refrigeration Service Galesburg IL

A technician is seen repairing a refrigeration unit. Merit Mechanical offers refrigeration service.

Do You Need Refrigeration Service In Galesburg IL?

If your business requires dependable refrigeration service in Galesburg IL, you know how important it is to have a mechanical service you can depend on. If you’re looking for such a company, turn to Merit Mechanical Service.

Does Merit Offer A Fast Response Time For Repairs?

Refrigeration service is one of those things that can’t always wait, and we understand that! When you call us with a problem with your refrigeration, we will share your sense of urgency and will respond as quickly as we can.

What Are Some Signs That Your Refrigeration Equipment Requires Service?

There are often signs that let you know your equipment needs service. If you see problems like ice build-up or condensation, it’s time to check it out. Likewise, call us if your refrigeration equipment is producing unusual noises. Another troubling sign is if your energy bills have suddenly spiked for no apparent reason. Anytime you notice problems like this, call us and we’ll check it out.

Can Professional Maintenance Reduce The Need For Repairs To Your Refrigeration Equipment?

If you have a lot of refrigeration equipment, it can represent a pretty significant investment. So we are sure you want your refrigeration equipment to work well for you for as long as possible, and that means keeping it well-maintained. The techs at Merit Mechanical Service can provide the kind of care your refrigeration equipment requires to keep it running well. Some of the routine maintenance we can help you with includes:

  • Inspecting and maintaining compressors, condensers and evaporator coils
  • Checking coils to ensure they are free of contamination, such as dirt, mold and bacteria, and providing maintenance
  • Maintaining fan coil units
  • Checking for appropriate airflow

What Are The Best Practices For Refrigeration Equipment?

To ensure your refrigeration equipment is working well, it’s important to have a regular maintenance checklist. We’re here to help if you have any questions about this! We can offer customized recommendations, but in general, we’d recommend a list like this:

  • Maintain a constant temperature
  • Eliminate all contaminants
  • Have a system for verifying the temperature stays within the desired range
  • Regularly check for ice build-up in the evaporator
  • Verify the refrigerant levels are appropriate
  • Check for oil leakage in the compressors
  • Keep door seals clean and check regularly for cracks or similar damage

The better you maintain your refrigeration equipment, the longer it should last.

What Industries Does Merit Mechanical Work With?

Our experienced techs are accustomed to caring for essentially any kind of mechanical system. Our company has extensive experience with HVAC, pool dehumidification and many other systems. If you have a variety of mechanical systems, we’re happy to work with you to keep them functioning at their best.

Refrigeration tools are seen. Merit Mechanical performs Refrigeration Service in Galesburg IL.

Does Your Refrigeration Equipment Require Some Work?

For the best refrigeration equipment maintenance company in Galesburg IL, call Merit Mechanical Service. If you are looking for help with the repair and installation of virtually any commercial mechanical system, we can help you out with that, too. Call us today at 309-981-8478.