What Are the Most Common Commercial Boiler Problems?

What Are the Most Common Commercial Boiler Problems?

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If you heat your business with a boiler, you may be wondering what kind of maintenance issues to expect. All mechanical systems, including boilers, require regular service to function at their best. What are the most common commercial boiler problems? At Merit Mechanical Service, we know that lack of maintenance is the No. 1 cause.

What Are the Most Common Commercial Boiler Problems?

Why Is Maintenance So Important For Commercial Boilers?

Without proper maintenance, boilers are more likely to experience issues. Regular maintenance is designed to find and correct small issues before they worsen into more serious and expensive issues. Some of the most common issues a tech will look for when providing routine maintenance include:

  • Leaks – These can occur in pimples, seals, valves and fittings. They waste water and energy but can also lead to corrosion and other damage.
  • Low water pressure – This presents a problem because it prevents proper water circulation. It results in inefficient heating and can damage boiler components. This low water pressure could be caused by leaks, airlocks or problems with your feedwater system.
  • Thermostat problems – If your thermostat is malfunctioning, causing inaccurate temperature readings, your boiler may operate inefficiently or provide inadequate heating. The cause of thermostat problems ranges from faulty wiring, calibration issues or sensor malfunctions.
  • Ignition failure – This can be caused by issues including a faulty ignition system, dirty burners or problems with the fuel supply.
  • Pressure problems – To operate efficiently, a boiler must maintain the proper pressure levels. Low pressure, high pressure or fluctuation pressure indicate problems.
  • Pilot light issues – If your pilot light goes out or will not stay lit, the boiler can’t heat water. A faulty thermocouple, gas supply problems, or draft issues can cause such problems.

Does The Water Supply Matter?

Untreated, hard water can cause a special category of problems. Talk to us about a solution if you are facing issues like these:

  • Corrosion – If you use untreated water or inadequate corrosion protection, it can lead to leaks, reduced efficiency and premature failure of the boiler.
  • Kettling – This happens when mineral deposits build up in the heat exchanger. Kettling can lead to overheating, steam buildup and damage to the boiler. It reduces efficiency, too.
  • Scale buildup – This can occur when minerals in the water precipitate out and accumulate on the internal surfaces of the boiler, including the heat exchanger and pipes. Scale buildup can increase energy consumption, reduce the efficiency of heat transfer and lead to failure of the boiler.

What’s The Ideal Maintenance Schedule For Commercial Boilers ?

What Are the Most Common Commercial Boiler Problems?

An annual maintenance works in many cases, but a boiler that is in high demand, such as one serving a healthcare facility, may require a higher level of maintenance. If you’re in the greater Peoria IL area, your best bet is to work with Merit Mechanical Service. Our highly trained techs can make a thorough inspection of your boiler and make a custom recommendation.

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When you work with Merit Mechanical Service, there’s no need for you to worry about what are the most common commercial boiler problems. We’ll set up a maintenance schedule and will be available for any needed repairs – including emergency repairs. Contact us at 309-981-8478. We are here to help with installation, maintenance and service for almost any kind of commercial mechanical system in the greater Peoria IL area.