Why is My Commercial Boiler Not Heating?

Why is My Commercial Boiler Not Heating?

Is Your Commercial Boiler Not Heating? Call Merit Mechanical Service!

There’s nothing more exasperating than when your commercial boiler isn’t working and you don’t know why. Merit Mechanical Service has the answer to “Why is My Commercial Boiler Not Heating?”

A tech is seen working on a boiler. Why is My Commercial Boiler Not Heating? Ask Merit Mechanical Service.

Some Boiler Fixes Are Easier Than Others

Of all the problems that may be keeping your commercial boiler from heating, some are a quick fix while others may require major repairs or even a system replacement. Here are some possibilities:

  • Fuel supply issues – If you have a problem such as a gas leak, fuel valve malfunction or fuel like blockage, this can explain why your boiler is not heating. If you suspect a gas leak, shut off the gas supply immediately and call for service.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat – A faulty thermostat may keep the boiler from receiving the signal to activate. Check your thermometer settings. Your thermostat may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Insufficient water level – If the water level in your boiler is too low, it can prevent proper heating, and the boiler may have shut down as a safety measure. Check the water level gauge to see if it’s within the recommended range. If the water is low, you have to wonder where that water went. Investigate for a leak in the system. You could also have a problem with the water feed mechanism.
  • Airlocks or blockages – Either of these can prevent the flow of water through the heating system. You can try bleeding the radiators to release any trapped air. Check for blockages in pipes and valves. If necessary, you can flush the system to remove any debris or sediment you suspect is causing blockages.
  • Faulty pump – If your circulation pump is faulty, you may experience inadequate heating or no heat at all. Check your pump for any sign of damage. Are there unusual noises or leaks? Fix or replace the faulty pump.
  • Clogged heat exchanger – The heat exchanger is what transfers heat from the boiler to the water in the heating system. If your heat exchanger is clogged or dirty, it can restrict the flow of heat. Clean the exchanger regularly to remove sediment and scale.
  • Electrical problems – If you have a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or faulty wiring, this can prevent the boiler from heating properly.

What’s The Ideal Maintenance Schedule For Commercial Boilers ?

A boiler in seen. Why is My Commercial Boiler Not Heating? Ask Merit Mechanical Service in Peoria IL.

An annual maintenance works in many cases, but a boiler that is in high demand, such as one serving a healthcare facility, may require a higher level of maintenance. If you’re in the greater Peoria IL area, your best bet is to work with Merit Mechanical Service. Our highly trained techs can make a thorough inspection of your boiler and make a custom recommendation.

You Need A Mechanical Expert You Can Trust

When you work with Merit Mechanical Service, there’s no need for you to worry about things like “Why is My Commercial Boiler Not Heating?” You simply call us and our highly professional techs will show up to fix the problem. Emergency service after hours is always available. Contact us at 309-981-8478. In addition, we are here for installation, maintenance and service for almost any kind of commercial mechanical system in the greater Peoria IL area.