Cooler Repair Washington IL

Cooler Repair Washington IL

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Do You Need Cooler Repair in Washington IL?

Merit Mechanical Services can repair and service all brands and models when you need cooler repair in Washington IL. Count on us for walk-in cooler repair to receive fast and affordable services backed by guarantees. In fact, replacement parts are under warranty and labor on services provided is warranted for up to 30 days. We use only qualified and trained technicians to perform work on the following:

We provide maintenance, repair, and installation services from 8 am to 4:30 pm on Mondays through Fridays. Give us a call at 309-981-8478 to schedule an appointment for cooler repair in Washington IL. In addition, you can email us to request a free estimate, more information, or a service call.

Is Your Cooler Leaking Water?

This is a common problem that will require cooler repair in Washington IL. Merit Mechanical Service cooler experts are problem solvers. They will quickly find the source of your problem and provide a solution that gets your business running smoothly again. Our technicians commonly fix leaking commercial coolers with the following issues:

  • Compressor Discharge Vibrations – Commercial coolers often vibrate at low and steady levels while running. At times, this vibration can cause lines or fittings to get damaged around compressor discharge lines.
  • Corrosion – Copper components can corrode over time due to exposure to acidic chemicals or materials used in coolers. As a result, pinhole leaks can occur.
  • Loose Fittings – Over time, fittings can come loose and cause leaks in many different areas of a cooler. Also, tightening fittings too much can create cracks in the cooler which will also cause water to leak.
  • Thermal Stress – Regular wear and tear or frequent opening and closing can cause temperatures to fluctuate and lead to thermal stress on your cooler. The temperature swings cause piping in coolers to expand and contract. Unfortunately, the fittings and compact arrangement of equipment does not allow for much expansion. In some cases, continuous expansion of piping can cause damage to fittings or other components, leading to leaks.

Is Your Cooler Shutting Off?

Merit Mechanical Service technicians can solve electrical issues with our services for cooler repair in Washington IL. Your commercial cooler may have a faulty power supply that is causing problems with the equipment turning off. We can check the voltage of your power outlet to make sure your equipment receives enough power. In some cases, clients use extension cords to plug in equipment. Many manufacturers provide warnings that use of extension cords will void warranties on equipment.

Do You Have Temperature Problems with Your Cooler?

Then, let the mechanical service technicians from Merit Mechanical Service solve them with cooler repair in Washington IL. Grease, dirt, and even hair can accumulate in the compressor of your system. As a result, these accumulations will prevent your compressor from working properly. In many cases, compressors do not get cleaned as often as they should. This will cause them to run hot or not run efficiently enough to cool down your cooler.

Looking for Other Mechanical Services?

Our technicians work on a variety of mechanical systems. Give our team a call if you need any of the following services:

Cooler Repair Washington IL

Schedule Cooler Repair in Washington IL

Are you looking to make an appointment for a service call to provide cooler repair in Washington IL? Merit Mechanical Services allows you to get in touch with us as conveniently as possible. You can call our technicians at 309-981-8478 to schedule service. If you prefer, you can also contact us online for an appointment or any further information.