Refrigerant Leaks Pekin IL

Refrigerant Leaks Pekin IL

Merit Mechanical Services contractors for refrigerant leaks in Pekin IL

Contactor Near Me for Refrigerant Leaks in Pekin IL

Merit Mechanical Service contractors offer preventative maintenance services including checking for refrigerant leaks in Pekin IL. Refrigerant leaks commonly occur with commercial air conditioning units, coolers, cold storage, ice machines, and freezers. Many different symptoms can warn you that your equipment contains a leak. Call us if you notice any of the following warning signs of a refrigerant leak.

  • Electric bills spike without price increases from the power company.
  • Your equipment takes longer than usual to cool things down.
  • You notice increased humidity in your property or condensation inside your equipment.
  • Evaporator coils are freezing.
  • You notice puddles of water around the base of your equipment.
  • The air conditioning unit or cooler will not blow out cold air.
  • Any of your equipment starts to make hissing sounds.
  • Tiny bubbles are forming in your evaporator coils.
  • Refrigerant lines are covered in ice.
  • You notice low airflow from your equipment.

Our mechanical service company can provide 24/7 emergency service if you experience an after-hours equipment failure. Plus, our commercial clients recommend us in reviews because of our dedication to providing superior service. Contact us to request service now.

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

If you do not hire contractors for regular maintenance of your equipment, many problems can develop over time and cause refrigerant leaks in Pekin IL. Most commercial clients make the mistake of believe refrigerant levels slowly get depleted due to the equipment’s cooling process. However, that is not the case. Low refrigerant levels indicate that there are cracks in coils or holes in the refrigerant line that allowing it to leak out. Common causes of refrigerant leaks include:

  • Vibrations made by the equipment.
  • Poor installation
  • Weakened connections or joints
  • Factory defects in the equipment
  • Corrosion inside the coils
  • Wear and tear that causes tube walls to thin out

Can I Just Add More Refrigerant?

Simply adding more refrigerant will not solve the long-term problems caused by refrigerant leaks in Pekin IL. In fact, it will end up costing you even more money in the long run. The refrigerant you add will eventually leak out as well without repairs. The best way to tackle refrigerant leaks is to get them repaired as soon as possible. Experienced technicians from Merit Mechanical Service can provide the repairs you need. Then, they will test the system. Once your equipment passes testing, they will add the necessary refrigerant.

Other Mechanical Services Available

Refrigerant Leaks Pekin IL

Merit Mechanical Services contractors work on a variety of the machines that are vital to your business. We can provide maintenance, repairs, or replacement services for any of the following equipment.

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Merit Mechanical Service contractors take the hassle out of detecting and repairing refrigerant leaks in Pekin IL. In fact, we provide all kinds of preventive maintenance including furnace inspections, leak detection, and freezer inspections. Call 309-316-7928 to schedule the service you need with our friendly staff. For your convenience, you can also email us your requests for service or estimates.