Commercial Furnace Inspection Pekin IL

Commercial Furnace Inspection Pekin IL

Contractor Near Me for Commercial Furnace Inspection Pekin IL

Local Contractors for a Commercial Furnace Inspection in Pekin IL

Make sure your business stays warm during the winter by avoiding heating issues with a commercial furnace inspection in Pekin IL. Merit Mechanical Service provides local HVAC contractors for all your furnace repair and maintenance needs. You can avoid furnace breakdowns and expensive repair bills by keeping your system well maintained. With that in mind, let our technicians inspect your furnace before winter comes to do the following:

  • Verify your thermostat and furnace are working together properly
  • Inspect your furnace blower motor and fan
  • Check, clean, and/or replace your air filter
  • Inspect your heat exchanger
  • Make sure your safety features are working correctly
  • Clear any obstructions in your ventilation system and air ducts

Merit Mechanical Service is your home for local contractors who can arrive quickly when your business experiences furnace problems. Our experienced technicians provide repair and maintenance services recommended by our customers. That is why our customer reviews always get high scores. If you suffer an after-hours heating crisis, we can respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 309-362-0634 for emergency service.

Thermostat Maintenance

If your furnace struggles to maintain consistent temperatures, your thermostat may need maintenance, repair, or replacement. We can uncover any thermostat problems during a commercial furnace inspection in Pekin IL. The most common problems include:

  • Dirt – Grime builds up on the inside of your thermostat. If you get dust accumulations near contact points, it can prevent your thermostat from working properly.
  • Age – Problems are unavoidable if your thermostat has aged beyond its useful life. If you have an older thermostat, you can save money by replacing it rather than trying to replace parts each time they wear out.
  • No Power – Battery-powered thermostats can stop working if you forget to replace the batteries. If you have rechargeable batteries, there might be an issue with the battery charger.
  • Wiring Issues – Furnace thermostats with electrical problems are not matters for amateur electricians. If you suspect you have a wiring issue, let one of our trained contractors inspect it.

Blower Motor Maintenance

The blower motor is the part of your furnace responsible for drawing in air, pushing it across burners to be heated, and sending it out through your ducts. A motor, caged fan blades, and an electrical system make up this part of your furnace. A problem with any of those three components can cause your heating system not to work correctly. Thus, it is important to keep these parts well maintained. Merit Mechanical Service can clean out any dirt and identify if any parts need to be replaced during an annual commercial furnace inspection in Pekin IL.

Heat Exchanger Maintenance

When the temperature inside drops below your thermostat settings, your thermostat sends a signal to the heat exchanger to start fueling up the burners. Consequently, a broken or malfunctioning heat exchanger will cause your furnace to lose efficiency or stop working. Our local contractors can diagnose any heat exchanger problems during an annual commercial furnace inspection in Pekin IL.

Repair Services Available

Commercial Furnace Inspection Pekin IL

Merit Mechanical Service contractors can maintain, repair, or replace all kinds of mechanical equipment your business relies on. Give us a call if you need any of the following services:

Schedule a Commercial Furnace Inspection in Pekin IL

Merit Mechanical Service can help you build a plan for furnace maintenance to keep your equipment in good shape. A necessary step in that program is an annual commercial furnace inspection in Pekin IL. Make sure to schedule an inspection before winter approaches to avoid any problems when you first turn on your furnace. Contact us online or send an email to to schedule an inspection. Give us a call at 309-362-0634 if you need our 24 hour service for an emergency.