Commercial Heating Contractor East Peoria IL

Commercial Heating Contractor East Peoria IL

Commercial Heating Contractor East Peoria IL

Quality Services from a Commercial Heating Contractor in East Peoria IL

Merit Mechanical Services provides furnace maintenance, repair, and replacement as a trusted commercial heating contractor in East Peoria IL. In fact, we even offer emergency 24/7 service when your equipment breaks down. Our technicians are known for offering superior customer service, materials, and replacement parts. In addition, we provide convenient service appointment scheduling with our friendly HVAC experts.

Our service technicians work to quickly solve any problems with boilers, geothermal systems, and furnaces. We recommend that before winter starts you get a commercial furnace inspection. That way, we can check system performance and catch any small problems before they lead to system failure. If your system does fail, we can provide affordable and timely repair or replacement services.

Contact us now to request a free estimate. Also, you can call 309-362-0634 or email to schedule an HVAC service call. Our services ensure that your heating system will run at peak efficiency, lowering your energy bills, and keeping conditions comfortable inside your business.

Furnace Maintenance

Avoid expensive HVAC system replacement or repair costs with maintenance from our commercial heating contractor in East Peoria IL. Our heating service can inspect your furnace to diagnose any easy to fix problems. From cleaning an air filter to removing an obstruction in the air ducts to testing the thermostat, we cover all the bases. In addition, we can detect if you have any gas or carbon monoxide leaks to prevent health hazards. With our preventative maintenance, you also ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency. As a result, you can save big on your heating bills.

Furnace Repairs

If you notice your furnace smoking, making odd noises, or causing bad odors, you should talk with our commercial heating contractor in East Peoria IL. Those are all warning signs that you need furnace repair. Often, your system will require only a few adjustments, cleaning, or replacement of minor components. However, you can extend the life of your system by getting any issues addressed right away. Most importantly, you make sure that your HVAC runs efficiently, heats like it should, and keeps your energy expenses down.

Furnace Replacement

If you need to install a replacement furnace, schedule an appointment with our commercial heating contractor in East Peoria IL. Our furnace installation service includes helping you choose the right system for your property. In addition, we provide the following:

  • Experienced HVAC technicians
  • Fast and hassle-free installation
  • Quick project turnarounds
  • Energy efficient furnace systems

Other Mechanical Services Available

Commercial Heating Contractor East Peoria IL

Merit Mechanical Services works on a variety of equipment, including serving as a commercial heating contractor. In addition, we can help with maintenance or repair for the following:

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Merit Mechanical Services is the company to call when you need services from a reliable commercial heating contractor. Use our online form or email us at to request a free estimate or schedule service. If you need emergency service, give us a call at 309-362-0634. We can respond quickly to get your mechanical systems working again.