Refrigeration Maintenance Pekin IL

Refrigeration Maintenance Pekin IL

Contractor for Refrigeration Maintenance Pekin IL

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Prevent injuries, inventory loss, increased energy expenses, and property damage with Merit Mechanical Service refrigeration maintenance in Pekin IL. Our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance services keep your cold storage systems running smoothly and efficiently. After all, your business will increase productivity and revenue by avoiding equipment failures. Let our refrigeration specialists inspect your coolers, commercial refrigeration, and freezers. We can replace any worn out components, ensure your system gets sealed properly to avoid leaks, and prevent equipment failures.

Our company provides reliable contactors who maintain and repair commercial mechanical systems to keep your business running. For more than 9 years, our refrigeration specialists have delivered services that get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our technicians handle services for everything from air conditioners to boilers to furnaces and even pool dehumidifiers. Plus, we can even respond when your business encounters emergency. We provide 24-hour services when your HVAC system, freezers, or coolers fail.

Contact us today to request free estimates or schedule services. We have a well-trained, honest, and friendly group of refrigeration, heating, and pool dehumidification experts who will offer comprehensive solutions.

Maintain Efficient Temperature Control

Refrigeration without effective and efficient temperature control can cost your business profitability and productivity. Your goods can perish quicker if temperatures are too high. Meanwhile, you will dramatically increase your energy expenses by keeping temperatures too low. In addition, refrigeration systems with temperatures at consistently lower than required temperatures can create great stress on the equipment. As a result, it can lead to component breakdowns, frozen components that will not work as effectively, and total system failure. However, you can avoid those problems with Merit Mechanical Service refrigeration maintenance in Pekin IL.

Clean Components Extend the Life of Refrigeration Systems

A buildup of dirt in your condensing and evaporator coils can lead to efficiency loss by obstructing airflow throughout the equipment. Also, dirt can accumulate on fan blades within the refrigeration system, slow the fans, and affect performance of the motor. Most importantly, dirt clogs in your system over time will cause overall energy efficiency loss and individual component breakdowns. Therefore, it is important to conduct regular cleaning of the components. For that reason, you can rely on Merit Mechanical Service contractors to keep your equipment clean with our refrigeration maintenance in Pekin IL.

Refrigeration Maintenance Pekin IL

Careful Refrigerant Level Monitoring

With our refrigeration maintenance in Pekin IL, our technicians will make sure refrigerant levels get maintained at the appropriate level. The energy efficiency of your equipment will get significantly impacted by low refrigerant levels. In addition, refrigeration leaks can provide health hazards and are Environmental Protection Agency violations. Consequently, it is important to maintain adequate refrigerant levels in your equipment. Merit Mechanical Service technicians can handle any issues with refrigerant that your cooler or freezer may develop.

Schedule Refrigeration Maintenance in Pekin IL

Keep your business more profitable and productive with properly maintained equipment with help from Merit Mechanical Service technicians. Our experienced and trained specialists can save you money with our refrigeration maintenance in Pekin IL. Contact us now to schedule service. Also, you can call 309-362-0634 or email to request free estimates.